SM round Pearls on a String finished early

Pearls is done, all teams filled up already?!

I just started on my second cuff:

The specifications and the new pattern will probably be released this weekend. But I’m having a day off, I didn’t bring extra yarn with me to the cabin anyway. Today I’m having a leisurely day, standing at the cloths drawer/cupboard because I still can’t sit with these hips:

I have a lovely view and there are birds singing everywhere. On my left is another window, with a screen before it so it can be open but the mosquitoes can’t come in. I hope to do some drawing here today.

This one I made already, Little Red Riding Hood en the Wolf dressing up as each other:


knitting with cat and bursitis

I can’t have Lillepoes lying on my upper legs, with my hip bursitis.

We’ve been battling for the past 20 minutes. She wants to be close to my face. Or at least keep eye contact. I now have found a solution.

also Giro d’Italia, hardest climb of the tour. My concession to my husband.

And the new pattern in Sock Madness!

Pearls-on-a-String Socks by Anita Grahn:

With faux cables and a fleegle heel.

Weird Wool Wednesday: clay, smoke, wool and cats.

I made a yarn bowl!
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery
It’s ceramics, Raku pottery.

I had given myself a course in Raku pottery as a reward for all the work I do for the court case against the manure plant near the cabin. Turns out we have an excellent pottery facility nearby, the same venue with the black smith where we forged our knives (our previous reward for the same reasons). I was knitting Raku socks then:

Yesterday was kiln day. Raku kilns get over 1000 degrees hot. So we were using leather gloves and were instructed to wear long sleeves and legs and garments without meltable plastics in it.
What better protection than wool?
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

Out of the kiln into the reduction chamber. The piece is so hot it sets the saw dust alight:
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery  raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

Freshly scrubbed yarn bowl, with white glaze and green glaze:
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

This little bowl has the same green glaze as my yarn bowl but turned out bright copper red. Raku is magic!
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery
It has to do with the reduction of oxygen and/or possibly me losing track of time and leaving it in the reduction chamber for far longer than the 10 minutes it was supposed to be.

Scrub section:
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery
Who knew you have to work hard after firing? After it gets out of the reduction chamber it’s covered in sooth which has to be scrubbed away. With water and sand and elbow grease.

We did the firing at the home of the teacher, the lovely and very capable Carla Teer. She has a studio near her house and makes pottery and animals in various techniques:

One of her other joys is gardening and we were in her amazing garden, filled with my favourites such as geranium, akelei, ranoncles. The way she positiones them, with lots of interesting leaf shapes, getting bigger with distance, is a delight.
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery
Because of my hip bursitis I can only stand or lie down. So I had a few lie downs in the garden and it was great. With big trees overhead and birds picking up grubs for their young. There were pimpelmezen nestling near the studio shed and they kept popping in and out, checking us out.

There were chickens too!
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

We had a lovely pot luck lunch:
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

In the big oak I heard sparrows which are growing rare in the Netherlands now that unkept pieces of grass are groomed away by city workers and farmers only farm corn and no grains. Corn that feeds the very manure plants I fight against. It bypasses the cow and is put directly into the plant to aid the fermenting (anaerobic digestion) because manure does not ferment easily by itself.

Anyhow. Dealing with this kind of inconsistencies (“kuch kuch stupidities!“) is what earned me my raku session. Raku and cats!

I made some cats to rest my brushes on:
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery
My friends said they look like little old bones. I don’t have friends.
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

I took the colouring from Lillepoes: off white back, black tail and legs and white toes.

Look at that beautiful cracquelee (and Lillepoes butt):
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

Carla has cats too including this one who lives to a very old age despite the fact he never gets food:
raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery  raku stoken veghel heesch first time pottery

Aww… so sad 😉

I had a wonderful day yesterday! Today I wanted to finish scrubbing the Raku but I also just received a call about some new manure plant stupidity so my Wednesday is looking like break is over and I need to fire up.


I wanted a simple project, next to all the projects I have to think about. And I’ve been wearing my Nurmilintu shawl a lot and thinking how it should be a tad bit longer. So I started one for me. It’s Nurmilintu shawl, a pattern by Heidi Alander:

The yarn is Moonwise handdyed Gem which I have been guarding since 2011 and now, finally, feel bold enough to use. It knits up beautifully:

I’m in a bit of a stress period at the moment and need some simple knitting relief so I started a second one:

in my handspun Hilltop Cloud Gradient Pack

Which gave me so much joy when I spun it in Tour de Fleece two years ago. Again a yarn that I have been too careful with to dare to use for anything. I always found an excuse. “Not enough meterage!”. “Will take too much wear if knit in that project!”. “The pattern makes no sufficient use of the gradient!”.

Stop it. Just knit with it. It will be fine.
And fast.

Everybody knows handspun knits up faster than commercial yarn. I’ll have two shawls soon and plenty of time to knit all the socks and cardigans that are on the needles right now. Yes I will.

A dragon, a heel and a sanity check.

451 people cast on for this pattern!
Expecto Draconum by Elisabeth White

Officially there are 5 days left for this competition round. But there are only 8 spots left to be filled. So we may start the next round early.

For those who are waiting a Bonus Pattern has been released. Sanity Check by Iffy Gauge:

It looks so innocent, right?

“A little anklet sock that is harder than it looks. It was designed to amuse all the highly accomplished and very speedy knitters of Sock Madness, and features some more of the techniques we dread. Braided cast-on, atypical cuff, intarsia in the round.”

You need 4 circulars at one point I believe. You’re knitting a porcupine!

I made some drawings to amuse its knitters:

“Sanity Check, sirs?”

A porcupine is called a “prickle pig” in my language 😀

Weird Wool Wednesday: throw cookies at dragons when they misbehave.

I met a dragon yesterday!
dragon castle Heeswijk the Netherlands

I was on a solo outing to enjoy the Summer weather. I had some tea and cookies at Castle Heeswijk:
kasteel Heeswijk paaltjekasteel Heeswijk paaltje

I also met a bit of timber:
kasteel Heeswijk paaltje
kasteel Heeswijk paaltjekasteel Heeswijk paaltje
The drivers door got jammed, I had to crawl in through the passenger’s door. Have I mentioned I have bursitis in both hips? These antics are not welcome.

At home the dragon on my sock got all huffy and messed up its stitch count. Lillepoes roared in disapproval.

And then lead by example: always ignore tantrum dragons.

(Does anybody else’s cat show affection and communication by stretching a hind leg? Lillepoes does.)

Today I brought the car to a garage run by and for women. It was a pleasant experience.
damesgarage ladies car shop vrouwengarage de dames van hurkmans den bosch dedamesvanhurkmans
My cat fabric WIP bag matched the decor. There was tea and cookies! They fixed the door and the paint while I waited for a very reasonable price. Vakgarage The Ladies of Hurkmans

I haven’t looked at the sock today. But I did sew a shirt at sewing lessons in cat fabric with a fish shaped pocket:
cat help catfabric fabric sewingcat help catfabric fabric sewing
Ofcourse. Cat-help needed when taking pictures.

A fun pocket on my cat shirt:
cat help catfabric fabric sewing

I also thought of sewing a little fish and attach it to the sleeve. A little snack/ companion:
cat help catfabric fabric sewing I will redo it in handsewing, this is not neat enough.

cat help catfabric fabric sewingcat help catfabric fabric sewing
Yes, thank you. Buzz off.

Omg, where there’s one there’s bound to be another:
cat help catfabric fabric sewing

More inspection needed ofcourse. Sigh.
cat help catfabric fabric sewing
They don’t like each other much, can you tell? Lillepoes is intimidated by Poekie and Poekie is annoyed because Lillepoes does not speak proper cat. And tortitude, obviously.

Well that’s all the time I have for photo’s today.  There’s half an hour left in the day before bed, I’ll go wrangle that sock dragon. I’m ready to frog 6 rounds and I have something to sweeten that pain:
cat help catfabric fabric sewing

For purling sake!
cat help catfabric fabric sewing


Well, this is where we ended up this last half hour of Weird Wool Wednesday. Shedding on my fabric, making my hips hurt, not knitting a dragon. But what a sweet face she has:
So happy. 🙂 We hadn’t seen each other properly all day. And now we have .

Sleep well!