Weird Wool Wednesday: knitting has my back and then some.

So I’ve been knitting on my February Sun on Snow pullover, to celebrate the crisp light of this time of the year. The pattern is crazy stripes tee by Alfa Knits, a top down pattern. I’ve been increasing for the fronts, back and sleeve like forever because it’s knit in fingering weight on needles 2,25 mm. Rows are currently 430 stitches and rising.

I have another 28 rows to go before the stitch count of the front matches that of the back and I can close the front and start the colour stripes. I need the length too, the yoke is nowhere near long enough to close for the sleeves yet.

Just for funsies I put it on a spare needle and compared it to a comfortable wide fitting shirt:

Aargh! Way too wide! Checking the pattern: I should have 270 stitches plus some for my altered gauge. Probably around 320.


I’m not ripping back. Not with 400+ stitches in each row.

I found this out late yesterday evening and I’ve had a sleep on it and asked some people for advice. If I knit on but stop increasing in the back I will get an awkward vertical part in the armhole.

So I’m thinking to stop increases at the marker points but spread them more evenly, like a round yoke. Just abandon those neat lines. Knit on for the length, increasing at the fronts and sleeves, but at variable places. Then when it’s time to separate for the sleeves just redistribute the stitches.

Or will that be weird? Will I end up with a line on my sleeves? Knitting stretches, right?

I’ll take the rest of the day to think about this. I still have another project to knit on in the mean time:

Curse all this Goldilocks knitting.


Wolbeest Knitters’ party last weekend: succes

It was a delight! At studio Het Wolbeest in Swalmen. This is the indy dyer with the ice cream parlour. No ice cream this time, it is Winter, so there was a wood stove running, home made cake and soup and chocolates and lots of knitting and friendliness:

Stroopwafels! And lots of cat bags and cat yarn. I usually don’t put pictures of people on the blog so please imagine around 12 knitters sitting around this table, just chatting and knitting away, having a lovely time 🙂

I brought both my cat yarn hats to show. Look how different the same yarn knits when knitted in the round or in a pooling technique:

I wore my “Cat mischief” shirt and the fir cowl neck warmer made with purple glitter yarn, dyed by Het Wolbeest.

These stitch markers I use the most and the lady that made them for me a few years back was also coming to the knitters’ party:

They are all glass beads and the loop at the top sits comfortable on my needles. I love glass, especially vintage beads. So I asked her if she could make me some more and offered to swap her some high quality yarn and a Woolly Dodo stitch marker for it. She agreed 🙂

I asked her to make all different ones but she’s too organized for that, they HAVE to come in sets. This is as far as she managed to go out of her comfort zone and make each set a set of siblings, heehee:

I also brought my new FiberRachel bird house bag. This is a hippogriff! One who loves cats:
 there’s one like this left at FiberRachel’s etsy shop

My other cat bag fits right in it and that’s funny because just that morning I drew this:

In honor of the black cat Het Wolbeest has, Floki.

When it was time to go I left a cat behind. This tortie cat:

This is Wolbeest’ daughter and when her mother showed her my pooling cat hat she fell in love with it. She asked her mother to make one for her and then Wolbeest asked me about the pattern and the pooling and I knew how much work it was going to be and how fiddly it is to get your gauge right every row and how would she ever manage to duplicate my hat when it was this particular hat the teenager loves so much? Long story short: this hat belongs to this girl.
🙂  🙂  🙂

On the train ride back Wolbeest send me a picture of a very happy teenager. That evening she informed me the hat was worn for the rest of the day. The next day she mailed that the hat was never taken off and was even worn that night, to bed! She them send a lovely Sunday morning photo of this lovely girl, all snuggle and cosy, with her hat and I’m happy as can be 🙂

finished: pooling cat hat

using just 40 grams of that delicious sock yarn in colourway Loesje, handdyed by Het Wolbeest.

Blocked vigourisly. Sewes the sides together and it fit my head.

Sewed the tops closed after I put in some fleece and hey presto, cat ears.

I’ll get some better photos on Saturday, as I will be taking both my cat yarn hats to a knitters’ party at Het Wolbeest.

Weird Wool Wednesday: fancy shoes

The other day I decided to wear something more fancy than my sneakers and I dug up a pair of nice shoes from the closet:

All leather, rubber sole, comfortable heel. A bit of a Harry Potter feel.

Only problem is: these shoes are my size.

Hence no room for handknit socks.

I had to wear commercial, thin socks.

Cold feet all day.

But look fancy:


finished: Ravenclaw knee socks!

Everything from the one Wolop skein! 100 grams of self striping yarn and a 20 grams mini for toes, heels and cuffs. There’s about 9 grams left of the mini. Done on needles 2 mm.

On the left shin you see where I casted on with Tillybuddy’s cast on. I knit the sock downwards and then picked up stitches to knit upwards. It’s not very neat. Lesson learned. Better have a real provisional cast on if you work with smooth, round plied yarn such as this quality sock yarn.

On the right sock I undid the cuff of the regular length sock I had knit, basically I knitted upwards from live stitches. Much prettier.

This was a delight to knit. And I say this as someone who does not like to knit stripes nor knit with blue yarn! This is such nice yarn and balled up in such a pleasant way:

with a colour change for every direction.

Wolop is into all kinds of Harry Potter! She just released installment two of her monthly Harry Potter sock club.

This will be next month:

I you feel brave you can send her an email at

badger badger badger badger

I finished a little purse that I started back in 2011. For some reason I was too ill to finish it back then.


Yo, party people!

The pattern is Badger purse by Kirsti Hallamaa and it’s free.

I had used the pattern before and made a sheep, using my own, very first handspun for it:

I even clipped the sheep myself! It was very special yarn.

And then I gave it away in a swap. Because back then I was not worthy of nice things. Such a shame. One should keep ones first handspun.

This purse is meant to be a spinners’ help. You hang it on your wheel and it keeps pieces of string (for tying skeins or an extra leader), a little flask of oil, some sweets, a little vile of salt. Anything you may need for spinning.

Today’s badger will live in my new Bird House WIP bag and is filled with liquorice. Fairy tale liquorice!

badger badger badger badger

badger badger badger badger

Yo! Yo! Lillepoes! whatuppp?!”

badger badger badger badger

badger badger badger badger

(do you know what follows?)


I’m working hard to finish the stranded vest (“spencer”) to show at the new workshop Dyeing with Mushrooms that I’m attending at the beginning of March. It’s the same as last year, I wanted to participate again.

“badger badger mushroom” is a meme, one of the first of the internet. It’s a 1 minute gif with a song and it’s from 2003 and bound together so many users. Here’s its own Wiki-page. I remember it well 🙂

not here to play Games?

Today the Olympic Winter Games start, in Korea. Worldwide knitters challenge themselves by knitting along with various projects in various difficulties.

Here’s a link to the official Ravelry group if you want to join in the fun (or just read about it a bit).

It’s a nice event 🙂 Here’s a bit of collective history, about that time when knitters made the Olympic Committee grow up and behave and about that time when knitters didn’t know how to behave online and sabotaged their own games and then saved them.

There’s another nice event just around the corner:

Sock Madness starts the first of March and warming up has already begon. You remember how much fun I had last year:

And the year before that, with this post about the importance of stroopwafels and that ridiculous sock surgery I did:

Oh man! I came here to tell you about these games and then to confess I wasn’t playing this year because I’m an adult with adulty responsibilities this Spring and I benefit from pacing and planning and allotting time. The next two to three months I’ve got a full plate. There’s no time for extra knitting and I need my knitting time to relax so no games.

But revisiting these previous events and looking at posts and pictures…. oei oei oei!

The Dutch sock knitters group on Ravelry is such a friendly bunch! You cannot read there and not participate in the fun. For both events! Everyone is so supportive, even with Sock Madness being a competition. And there will be wool parties!

Oh mannnn…. wool parties….

I’ve posted there that I will take it easy this year.

Let’s hope that those are magic, self forfilling words.
(I already am taking stock of my sock yarn. sssh)

Birdhouse project bags are on sale!

FiberRachel’s sewing machine broke today and now she’s having a sale to pay for repairs. 25% off!

I couldn’t help myself, I bought a Buckbeak Birdhouse WIP bag!

He’s got a little patch of pumpkin patch 😆

Oh, the silver glitter fun fur. It’s all mountain and charcoal and water and sophisticated city knitter! Or that’s what I tell myself. It sure fits my colour palette and my need to pet weird furry things. And I need to keep my yarn somewhere. And my phone and stuff.

She’s got plenty more weird bags. Game of Thrones, Highlander, x-mas, Pokemon, HP houses, cats, dogs, winter, and birds in bird houses. Go here to have a look.

Hela Hola!

Today I’m frogging projects that nag me. It’s part of tradition in the Dutch Karma Swap Group on Ravelry where we encourage each other to free ourselves:

Rockefeller shawl went from this:

to this:

because I cannot figure out a nice way to knit the two “wings” without it becoming a very nautical blue white striped thing. Which I wasn’t going to wear.

Now it will become a sweater. Because that’s half a yoke right there! Add another half to it, pick up stitches at the icord and start knitting downwards. Before you know it you’re separateing for the sleeves!

Luckily I knit the blue part of the back all in one thread, without breaking the yarn. All I have to do is soak the yarn and I have a brand new skein to knit with.

Summer cardigan Emma Arlene lost her empire lace part:

I had chosen a tedious stitch for that part and it has kept me from knitting on it for xx years now. Time to frog! (it was Echo Flower Stitch, a beautiful stitch).

I’m going to reknit the lace part in an easier stitch.This is Wollmeise Lace yarn and should knit up easy. Do have to soak the yarn first to get the crinkles out.

And I frogged the Wolbeest Cat Sock Blank, to de-crinkle the yarn, so I can knit with it. Here’s the blank front and back:

which explains why the yarn looks speckled like this:

The black dye didn’t soak through the thread in places which will result in varying dark contrast in the knitted fabric. It makes me think that this yarn will look very good in a sock pattern with a stitch pattern in it. Looking forward to start.

So that’s a third skein of yarn that needs to be soaked. I also have some skeins from the spinning wheel from the past two months that need soaking. And knitting! As soon as I feel like it I will have a soak and centrifuge session in the basement.

Lastly I cleaned up some more in my ravelry project page. Changed statussen to “frogged” or “finished” for projects I know I’ll never use, not even their yarn, or will frog at a later date.

Ravelry automatically reverts meterage of yarn back to your stash when you frog a project. Omg I have so much yarn now…. let’s just see if Ravelry also tallies the totals.

The total meters in my stash are:

125777,3 meter!!!

125 kilometers 78 miles of yarn!

Ding! Ding! Ding!
Typical Dutch Street Organ pic by Marielle Plomp
Better start knitting.