knowing what to knit

for best wearing knits I did two things:

  1. find out what shape my body is and what kind of garments flatter it
  2. find out what colours compliment my skin tone

for 1. I used Trinny and Susannah’s What not to Wear series on the BBC. Their ideas are nicely summed up in their book The Body Shape Bible.

Photograph (c) Photograph (c)

I’m a goblet.

Broad shoulders, ample bossom, no waist, no hips, no butt, slender legs. Garments that flatter me typically have V-shaped necks, 3/4 or long sleeves, waist shaping, length to or beyond the hips, skirts that flare around my calves (think sea mermaid)

for 2. I got a Personal Colour Analysis, using a system that divides colours in cool/warm; clear/muted and bright/dark. Best sites about this are older posts at and Truth is

The wonderful thing was to sit in front of a mirror and see your features change with the colour that is draped around it. With oranges I grew green and sick. With hard purple I grew stern. With cool, bright colours I started glowing.

photo by artur022Photograph (c) artur022

Colours that make me look good are cool, clear and bright. Colours you’d see on a marvellous bright winter day. Or on this Peacock. In other systems I’d be called a Bright Winter or a Clear Winter. Here’s a blogpost from giving a good indication.

With this knowledge I knew what I was looking for in patterns and in yarns.
And my favourite colour orange that makes me look so pale? I’m wearing it on my feet!


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