clearly Pete doesn’t knit

I’m trying to figure out how many stitches I need to pick up to make a decent collar on this cardigan. I tried picking up 2 stitches for every 3 rows (picked up 68 st) but that was not enough. The collar stretched and was stiff. So I frogged.

A friend suggested using math so I asked Pythagoras. He said that x was 34 cm and I should pick up 66 st. Clearly Pete doesn’t knit. 66 is even less than 68.

Now I’m asking knitters over at

pattern is Wren by Berroco, heavily modified.
yarn is Krokus by Dutch Knitting Design. Half silk, half Merino. Lovely.
on ndl 3,5 mm; gauge is 19 st/10 cm (dry) and 18,5 st/10 cm (washed). row gauge remains 8,6 rows/10 cm. Collar will be knitted on 3 mm and in ribbing.


PS. I inserted bustdarts, look at the hem and notice the difference in length between front panel and back when it lays flat. The hem is straight when I wear it though. Excellent fit.


The hem is faced with handspun silk in blue, for a little luxurious surprise. A technique I only learned this week from She has a series on good hems and borders.

UPDATE 4 Sept: I picked up 110 stitches along each border and one for every stitch on the back plus an extra stitch after every 4th (by lifting the strand between stitches and knitting it twisted). We’ll see how it goes.


One thought on “clearly Pete doesn’t knit

  1. Maybe I’m totally wrong, but are you counting in that your stitches are not square? Your stitches are probably taller than they are wide, so you have to pick up more stitches…

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