purple socks

today I finished some purple socks that only needed some simple ribbing. I did it because I’m dodging all kinds of knitterly decisions that have to be made on the other projects.

pattern: Prickly Pear Socks

project on Ravelry

yarn: handdyed Schoppewolle, non-superwash.

I dyed the yarn myself a couple of years ago. For this I wound up the ball in various sections. Which I could not have done without the help from my lovely assistent…

the yarn was dyed in sections that were put into plastic bags and steamed. All bags were connected because I did not break the yarn. The dyed yarn was wound into a centre pull ball and the socks were knitted from both ends at the same time. Toe-up.

The yarn was dyed using a spritz-technique such as a tooth brush or an injection device. Small spots on the yarn make for a mottled effect without pooling.

The pattern works nice with that kind of yarn: it has herringbone stitch and the Prickly Pear stitch which I like very much. It is akin to Koffieboontje, one of my all time favorites.

Now I need to make some decisions. Or shall I get out another WIP?

(WIP = Work In Progress. I have a cabinet full of them. Half knitted socks, shawls, pullovers. Sssst, better let them sleep)


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