Hotseflotsepocus: knitting on the fly.

Once you have mastered some skills and experience you can knit as you go, totally free from a pattern. I call this “hotseflotsepocus” because I’m flying by the seat of my pants and somehow end up with a nice woolen garment. Most times.
Right now I’m working on this cardigan in that way:

There’s no pattern. I started with a waistband in orange and took up stitches to work upwards and later on downwards. I incorporated some features I know will flatter me such as bustdarts and set-in sleeves. Because I do not particurlarly like knitting sleeves I thought it would be fun to cast them on immideatly and knit them simultaniously with the body. Like you would do with the round yoke of a Scandinavian sweater or with a raglan. The difference being I am knitting set-in sleeves that are more akin to loose front and backpanels with seperate sleeves to be added later. Or simultaneously when knitting top down.
Doing them bottom up is totally new to me and I have no examples.

Somehow I managed it. With some magic to shape the shoulder (seam)(less).

‘hotseflots’ is related to the English verb ‘to fudge’. Which is what I do.

Now I will frog this for a good 10 cm(4inches) because the fronts decrease too far. I like my cardigans to snuggle my neck.

Project on Ravelry: Oktober vestje
Yarn: handspun and Lana Grossa
Needle: 9 mm


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