All kinds of crossings

I am working on these cabled mitts. Without a cable needle. I just let slip the one or two stitches from the needle, pick up the next one and pick up the fallen ones. As I am a relatively loose knitter and this yarn is not too slippery this works. The stitches do not ladder down.

Link to my projectpage
Of course I made a wrong crossing. I’ll need to drop some stitches and redo it. It can be done. But I’ve been surfing for the last hour instead… to give you some idea of how I am looking forward to dot this i and cross this t…

In other news: for a few weeks now I’m cross eyed. I see everything double. Courtesy of owning an iPad for two months and using it at the same distance from my eyes as I have my knitting. Also, it’s too bright. My live in www-wizard has made a darkscreen pop over for me. Bliss.

Still I’ve cut back on iPadding. And on knitting that I have to look at. Of which this post is clearly in double Whatstheword—denial?defiance?—

Oh well. I’m sure I look very charming when crosseyed. Most cats do too.

Ps no pics on this post because I don’t know hoe to make them stick with the iPad. Can’t learn because I shouldn’t iPad sp much. And have some knitting surgery to do. You see? (I do see. Double.)

PS on March 5th, added a picture.


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