recipe: plum flan from Bretagne sans gluten, sans sucre

deep apologies for the fact that I am about to post a recipe……. but I need to store it somewhere.



  • 300 grams of fresh plums from the plum tree in our little patch of forest. We didn’t know it was there and I walked past it once, bowing deep to avoid running into its low hanging branches, filled with plums. Without noticing.
  • 0.75 l of organic full fat milk
  • 100 grams organic butter
  • 75 grams of maizena
  • 4 organic eggs
  • a fair pinch of salt (if your butter is unsalted)
  • a fair pinch of pepper
  • pinch of vanille powder (no artifical flavouring or aroma. Stick to vanille stick or extract)


  • wisk
  • saucepan
  • bakingform
  • small bowl
  • knive
  • spoon
  • oven gloves


  1. butter a baking form.
  2. in it roll around some of the flour
  3. preheat the oven to about 195 degrees
  4. take the pitts out of the plums, halving them and place them in the baking form (save pitts to plant them in spring, you’ll need to grate them some by then because it is a ‘stone fruit’. google this)
  5. sprinkle pepper and vanille over the plums, set form aside.
  6. put milk and butter in a saucepan and heat it
  7. put salt into the milk/butter mixture while it warms
  8. have everything ready: get whisker; place eggs nearby plus place to put the shells; have baking form nearby; make sure the path to the oven is clear of clutter.
  9. when milk is steaming put your maizena into the small bowl. Add a few spoonfulls of milk so you can make a paste (if you drop the maizena as is into the milk it will form clumps). Add paste to milk and start stirring with the wisk. If your milk is still hot enough it will bind quickly. If you don’t let it bind your flan will have ‘layers’ :eggmilk on top and rubber mais anti slip mat on the bottom.
  10. add the eggs, one at the time. Best is if your milkmixture has cooled a bit and if you have an extra pair of hands to add the eggs while you keep on whisking. If not the heat might turn your egg into scrambled egg before it gets a chance to mix in. Ways around this are: cool your milk (add cold milk, put pan into a bath of cold water, go watch tv)
  11. pour your mixture over the plums in the baking form
  12. put baking form into the oven
  13. heat for about one hour on 190 degrees. If the top browns it is almost done. Be careful now because if it browns too much the bottom will burn and you will taste it throughout the whole flan.
  14. take it out and let it cool a bit

this is a Far Breton, a flan from Bretagne in France. It is glutenfree and sweet-free but still very sweet because of the milk, the butter, the plums and the fact you enhanced all the flavours by adding some salt and pepper.

The plums will seep water into the baking form. It tastes nice.

you can keep this flan in the refrigerator but beware that it doesn’t dry out. Unless you prefer gummy rubber texture. Traditionally it was kept with a cloth over it, I keep a bit of cling foil over it even though I detest the stuff. You can freeze it.

many thanks to Marmottons, a French website with intelligent cooking.


again, apologies for enforcing the knitting=cooking&cats connection.

(I have another glutenfree, sweetfree recipe that needs to be preserved here, rather than on paper snippets wandering through my house. It is for brownies. Oh, and there’s a Cake for the Ill too!)

(I do have knitting finished, but I need to make pictures.)


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