blocking half a sweater

the cardigan Kelmscott is coming along nicely. I’ve finished two sleeves, one front and the back. Since I am not sure about the dept (height) of the armhole I have blocked these parts a bit to sew them together so I can fit. Before I knit that other front which requires quite a bit of concentration.

before blocking:

after washing:

blocking to measurements:

with a centimeter and the pattern nearby I lay out the damp parts and pin them to their required measurements on a garden cushion. Tomorrow they should be dry and I can sew the front to the back. That will be enough for fitting.
I’ll sew in one sleeve also, just because I’ve never worked a sweater in parts before and because I keep doubting patterns.

While waiting for this to dry I have hauled over the stash and have made plans for two sweaters, one cowl and one baret. Because wool and colours are so inspiring!

Please meet: “banana sweater”; “squirrel sweater”; “Bowmont hug” and “Koigu delight”!

I have made little parcels consisting of wool, needles and a paper with some notes. They are waiting for me in the cupboard, like little December presents. I can barely wait to start one of these projects! But I know that if I do one of the other projects on the needle will end up behind the sofa. Somehow. Mysteriously. Blame the cat!, is what I say.

That’s because nearly every project has a stage that can best be described as the Meh-stage. The knit gets boring or there’s this part where you have to pay attention without getting much knitterly joy (like gusset decreasing in a sock or ribbing in a non-intuitive ritme = you have to look at your work but there’s nothing interesting going on)
You I just have to be a good little knitter and finish my meh-homework. The reward is a handknitted, customfitted garment!

The Kelmscott cardigan does not have much “meh”. The lace part is interesting and the stockinette stitch is perfect for doing while having conversations or watching video’s.

the new sweaters will have lots of this combination too: colourwork for interest and much stockinette stitch for tedious car rides.


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