knitting an Advent Shawl

On Dec first a Knit Along (KAL) started. Each day until Dec 24 a little part of the design is published and each day I and other knitters knit this part and share our progress. We will all have a beautiful lace shawl by x-mas!

I am knitting the Lace Poinsettia by Susann Hajjar, also known as Unikatissima.

Here’s a small impression of the shawl it will become: I really like that we get a glimpse, just enough to get a feel for the sort of style. Here we see that this is not a frilly, leafy design. That’s good to know (although I particurlarly love leafy designs! Unikatissima designed one for last years Advent shawl, the Lace Holly, and I plan to make that one too. One day. Soon.)

There are other Advent Shawls out there and people are knitting them gladly. A major one is the Advent Calender Scarf, which in previous years always consisted of pattern blocks divided by a few rows. The blocks stand alone, they have no relation to one another. It seems it will be the same this year. I do not particularly like that, I like my patterns to evolve and grow and meander. To be a unity.

The Lace Pointsettia is such a shawl, as I could see from the teaser. So of I went. Each morning I get my tea and my needles and I open the file with the patternpart of that day and I start knitting away.

Day 1:

It just takes half an hour to an hour, just long enough to get into it and want more without gettign too tired.

The beautiful projectbag is hand made using handdyed cotton by Hannah who blogs at (in Dutch). It’s a little gem of a bag! But I have yet to photograph its colours decent…. I feel quite the princess having this bag laying on the table, waiting for me, with purple, soft yarn and a delicate lace shawl in it. Like a little present every day.

Day 2:

As I said, this is a pattern by Unikatissima, a wonderful designer who specializes in lace designs that flow from one row into the next one in a logical and intuitive way. She even designed a computerprogramme to aid this! I must investigate it… I play with design myself and I really like to understand the principle of things and then bend the rules. Be smart and playfull.

I very much like intelligent design!

  • pattern: Lace Poinsettia by Unikatissima
  • my projectpage on Ravelry: Advent Poinsettia from there you can find the pattern on Ravelry and also all the other people who participate and Unikatissima’s group.
  • Yarn: Lana Grossa Lace, given to me by a lovely frog in a swap
  • Needles: 3,75 mm metal circulars. I always have to go down because I’m a loose knitter. Should have gone to 3,5mm but couldn’t find one quickly enough wanted sharp points and the Addi Turbo’s didn’t cut it. These are Knitpicks but I prefer Hiyahiya Red Lace.


other works in progress:

  1. Kelmscott cardigan. Started the left front.
  2. x-mas socks in burgundy. Civil socks for me, not the usual orange loud fun socks.
  3. Pucker from the Pettefletter. Loud fun socks. Using mosaic-technique. First time.
  4. designing the Banana Jumper, Icelandic top down, in the colour combination I showed in the previous post
  5. (that little red cardi in Wollmeise that’s about one third done)
  6. (need to finish a few spinning projects: long draw yak; long draw camel; sock yarn)

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