Day 3 of Adventshawl

today I could not concentrate and have spend hours on the little piece of lace that is to become an Advent Shawl. Only 20 rows of barely 60 stitches were my little mission today! I knitted them, I knitted it wrong, I tinked, I reknitted, knitted wrong again, didn’t notice untill 5 rows further, dropped stitches to make repairs. Repaired wrong. Lost ability to count count. Lost ability to read a pattern. Played with the cat.

In my defense, this morning I was hauled out of deep sleep and my bed and summoned to speak coherently on the phone to professionals with calendars. All this before I even had my morning tea or my medicines. (my medicines are of the pedal-to-the-medal variety and if not taken I seem to crawl backwards in time. My head will just bob in mid air and smile. It’s no use at all).

I managed to make a new appointment (on a day and a time that do not suit me at all, now that I think about it). And just when I settled with a cup of tea and this knitting a snowstorm started outside. This made me nervous (why? I love snow)

Than the doorbell rang and I had to be pleasantly coherent at the door too, especially since it was a delivery of wool! Now I was conflicted between tea, wool and knitting. Did I mention that without my medicine I am not able to make choices? I’d be the donkey starving between piles of hay…

Still I was surprised that after that start I never got into the knitting groove properly… so I started knitting the Poinsettia Lace Advent Shawl which had shown me yesterday that one does need to pay attention to the pattern. Bobbing head or not.

So here are six loose strands: they used to be six rows with about 15 stitches, knitted all wrong:

One hour later and I have reconstructed them in a better way and to the best of my ability. It’s not entirely how the pattern states but at least I’ll be able to build upon them in a way the pattern prescribes:

With a few breakes -cat wants food; cats want to play; cat wants something Very Important but I fail to understand; cat sulks and I need to plead for forgiveness- I knitted 20 rows.

This is the result at the end of the day, hence picture in evening lamp light and cat ready for bed:

Just was I was knitting the row before last and congratulated myself with managing the job I found another glaring mistake and had to spend another half hour ‘frutselen’ to make it right.

but I got there! And as long as nobody can see a mistake from one meter distance, I’m alright with not knitting perfectly to the pattern.


ps. if you want to know where the mistake is: at the top, just right from the center, I had to knit 3 st together instead of 2 because when I corrected the six-row-deep-mistake I managed to make an extra stitch and misplace a hole in that nice ‘ladder’ of holes going from the middle to the right side up, just right from the absolute middle.

it doesn’t matter. It would have been too difficult to replace the hole and the stitchcount now is what it should be.






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