Day 4 of Advent Shawl and Socks that mock me

Today the Advent shawl came along without doubts or frustration. It is really starting to feel like a shawl. The yarn is nice and soft too!

you can see the mistake that remained from yesterdays disaster……I’ll name it ‘Billy’ and use it as a reminder of days when I manage to pull myself together after getting scrambled all over the place. There’s no shame in that. The initial mistake was far far worse. It would have thrown the whole symmetry. Billy is just a little piggy running after that stampede.

Now these are to become my x-mas socks. very neat and with a nice design that fits the time of year, I feel. I always get a bit ‘art deco’ around this time of year.

the pattern is “falling tears” (I do not approve of this name) and here’s my projectpage with all my notes.

You’ll notice I’m doing two socks at once, using the Magic Loop method in which I keep the circular needle with two ‘mouse ears’ at the side, sliding the socks along. With this method you can keep knitting in the round even though your project is much smaller than the needle is long.

It’s abbreviation is TAAT (Two At A Time)

it is the only thing that works against SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) where you have finished one sock and really do not feel like starting the second one. I have severe SSS and it has lead me to embrace my Inner Pippi. Pippi doesn’t wear the same socks!

I’ve gone to using the same yarn for both socks but knitting them in different patterns, just to keep things interesting. Now, when people tell me I’m wearing two different socks I can at least say: what? they’re both orange striped!


It makes the ladies at my wool spinning group laugh because they get to notice my socks each month.

But sometimes a lady has to have a matching pair of socks. Because, you know, you want other things to get the attention. Previous I’ve bought pairs of socks from ravelers. But it’s hard to find someone who knits in the way that I like: firm and fitting for my high instep small ankle foot. I have found someone who knits like that and my two pairs of Lady Socks came from her.

But now I’m making these for me. Because I really like this pattern!

after a bit of trial and error I’m on my way, I’ll be wearing these babies for x-mas!

that is….if they stop mocking me.

can you spot the error?

I cannot continue to knit untill I fix this and that has nothing to do with giving a mistake a name and embracing it. It’s physically impossible to wear these socks if I continue knitting like this.

aw…. each day brainfog gets me in the end!

(that’s ok, I have some excellent chocolates here and handknitted socks and a cat that loves me. Brainfog is just one of those things that I sigh at and then leave behind me)


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