Day 5 of Advent Shawl and Sinterklaas

Day 5 of the Advent Shawl was knitted just before going to bed. It was the only time in the day that I had some peace and enough brains in my head:
6such a nice shawl this is becoming!

It’s totally out of my comfort zone, with all the geometric lines, but I have a feeling I will be wearing it a lot and will receive lots of compliments.

It was knitted right after we celebrated Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). The cat was already ready for her present:

Sinterklaas is a 16th century saint from Spain and Persia. His birthday is on the 6th of December which is why on Dec. 5th we give each other presents accompagnied by a funny poem. It is fun a tradition and has long lost it’s religious connotations.

Children are told the Sint rides his horse Amerigo over the rooftops and drops presents through the chimney. That’s why we traditionally place a shoe in front of the chimney with a carrot for the horse. We sing traditional songs. The Sint and his crew know whether everybody behaves.

This year the Sint brought me yarn and a pattern for owl mittens and we ate the traditional chocolates and clementines.

the yarn: Maori by 100%wool, sportsweight, 200 m on 100 grams.



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