beginning a new sweater

Today I begin a new sweater. The bananasweater! I start at the very beginning, a very good place to start: the border around the neck.

the plan:

just knit a border that fits around your neck
start knitting downwards and make alterations so it fits around your shoulders. (this involves shortrows in the back because a sweater sits better if it’s higher in the back of your neck than the front. And then you have to increase the stitchcount to make it flare out so it can embrace your shoulders and body)

but first: the neck.

  • combine gauge and the circumference of neck to find number to cast on provisionally
  • knit.
  • knitknitknit
  • k 2 tog and YO
  • knitknitknit
  • bring the two together, you now have a border with picot-ending. This will not roll.

find out there are two things any sweaterneck must do:
1. fit over your head
2. allow you to breath






ps. advent shawl is going well. Will go even better when I learn to count. Hopefully soon.


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