solving sweaterproblems and Adventshawl Day 9

so it took half a day to knit a decent border that doesn’t choke me…

it has a picot edge, this looks nice, it prevents rolling that stockinette does and concentrates the location where a knitted garment receives its wear: right at the edge. The little bumps will not wear easy and receives the majority of the wear.



first you knit a stockinette piece. Than for one row you knit two stitches together followed by a yarn over. This will be the folding line. Than you knit another piece of stockinette.


then you knit the last knitted row together with the cast-on row. This will fold the knitted piece double. You can see this in progress on the bottom of the picture. It is why I used a provisional cast-on, btw.


(on all these pictures you see my felted skirt! It receives a lot of wear too, it’s a delightful piece. It’s Merino roving on woolen chiffon -have you ever heard of such a thing? it’s wonderfully soft and warm!- near my knees is a thrifted silk scarf, it provides colour and texture.)

Here you see the picot edge. And a knitted on swatch in the white wool I’m planning to use for the part that will not touch my skin. It’s Swedish wool and not particularly soft.

The edge is made with my handspun Texelaar -not a fun fleece to spin- and is nice and soft.

of course I ran into problems….

My collar needed quiet fewer stitches than the pattern I’m following (and have already changed from a bottom up cardigan to a top down pullover)

So I just started increasing. But I did not increase enough…. even if this nicely composed picture suggested knitting heaven:




see, the sides do not flare up enough. Normal shoulders go more horizontal. I’m fudging and changing and ‘smokkeling’ to get this right. I SHOULD rip it out and knit it properly but this is already 12 hours worth of work and I stubbornly believe I can fix it. This is a well know knitters hope against experience….


still I’m knitting on, forced to change the colour work alltogether and placing increases where the pattern never imagined them. Basically I am reinventing this whole sweater. Again.


In the mean time:


this is how the Adventshawl is coming along 🙂

Yesterday I did not knit on it and today I did two installments. My mental faculties must be returning because I made no mistakes. It is a pleasant knit.




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