Advent shawl Day 13 and strange things in the air

We’ve passed the halfpoint I think! I’m not sure the design is symmetrical, I hope not. I found the rhytm of this design, I’m making no more mistakes.

Knitting it every day doesn’t work at the moment but knitting every other day does.

With the black and white Bananasweater I have increased too much over the shoulders. I’m at the point where the white yarn is no longer carried and there’s only dark gray. So I decreased at lot in one row, figuring gauge would be different now that I’m knitting with only one strand. Gauge changed from 18 st to 10 cm (4″) to 16 st to 10 cm (4″)

I hope the decrease row was not too much or I might have a weird bulk in my sweater, making people think of Victorian air balloons or x-mas bulbs…

Better knit fast because tomorrow I get a visitor that will bring me the left front panel of the  Kelmscott Cardigan that I left at their house! Which is why I was forced to start the Banana sweater in the first place. You see.

which is why it’s a mystery that I felt the need to cast on this hood yesterday:

or why I am knitted it so fast. Is it because there is snow outside? Do I get extra weird when it has snowed?

Perhaps that would explain my invention today to keep the cushions in my back from sliding away…

3on the right you see my knitting-resting-watching-movies-spot. To the far right is a big window onto the garden and the bird feeders. I like to face that way, especially now that the days are short and dark.

thank Holla for owl lamps, wool centrigues and purple IKEA stools! In the window are a few goos eggs I dyed with onion skins and resistance techniques (basically: stock some leafs to the egg, putt a nylon panty over it to keep the leaves in place, put in boiling water with onion skins.)

On the left you see a green tin in which my dpns live and on the cupboard there are some of my project bags. I prefer the kind that hang from the wrist, so I can walk and knit.

Now stop distracting me, I need to get knitting!




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