I want both sweaters finished this december.

The Kelmscott. Which has a huge collar! And it needs blocking. And seaming.


(o no, and a button band!)

and there is the Banana sweater (that really needs a new name since I won’t be using the yellow yarn because it’s beautiful with just the white and gray)

This is an improvised design. The hard work, the stranding and bust shaping, is done.

(but I’m running out of dark gray yarn fast.)
(if so I’ll have to spin more.)
(I won’t make it in time if I have to spin!)
(Knitting it a size too small to save yarn didn’t work either… I like to breathe)

(now I’m going to tweak the pattern and introduce white again in the sleeves. That’s why the body is now on hold, I will pick up sleeves and work them first and introduce white. Then I know how much gray is left and wether the body needs white too)


btw, this was my x-mas morning:


a little bit about my cat: Lillepoes is a shorthaired Birman. The breeder said to the lady from whom we got her that Lillepoes had mental problems because she was the only shorthaired one in the litter. Nonsense! Somebody had mental problems allright because this cat is severely inbred and has health issues because the breeder is irresponsible!

The previous owner was very sweet to this cat but allowed her to become pregnant when very young. From a Norwegian Forestcat no less. Lillepoes was unhappy in that household. There were Abessinians hanging from the chandeleers! The owner was attentive enough to notice and do what’s best for the cat: she gave her up for adoption via a forum for (high) sensitive people.

Now Lillepoes is very happy. We have a quiet household, with lots of routines and habits and two humans who are her best friends and are always prepared to oblige in needed cuddles. There’s a patch of forest and meadow here so there’s lot’s to see and explore (and pooping outside is also fun, it seems).

Still at times she can get nervous or very scared (especially from tall darkly dressed men). She also missed some crucial things when she was a kitten because she cannot socialize with other cats, she just doesn’t understand them it seems. Also, she was afraid of things (faces, hands, scents) close to her head and still has not mastered the art of being picked up. Have you ever met a cat that cannot be picked up? She simply doesn’t know what to do with her body, she hangs about all awkwardly, mostly up side down and cries. But still wants cuddles. We’ve practised and she has improved a bit but still…weird.

Her feet are misformed and when she walks you hear: stepSTOMPstepSTOMPstepSTOMP. That’s funny! She also spreads her toes when she’s happy and they are white on black feet so that loos adorable. Because two feet are shortened and have the toes pointing upwards I call them her hooray!-toes. Her mouth is too small and she cannot eat big chunks. But small chunks she gobbles down without them cleaning her teeth. So she gets special food in just the right size. (which the other cat wants to eat all the time, you know how that is) Lillepoes has an inbred weakness towards lungproblems. Really, if I knew the breeder I would give her a piece of my mind!

But Lillepoes is very happy now and talks with me all the time. We are best friends.

It really is bliss seeing a cat being happy.


One thought on “knitknitknitknitknit

  1. What’s wrong with Abyssinians hanging from the chandeleers…….?
    Maybe th√†t’s the reason I have so few chandeleers around the house.. :-))))

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