Kelmscott cardigan done

I finished the Kelmscott!

the collar took forever, I was quite hmrpffed at the end. but here it is, blocking:

The cardigan itself is sewed together, all the ends are woven in. Apart from where the button loops must be crocheted. Those are done too but not on this photo. There are safetypins where the loops will be. And the ball of yarn is tucked away safely, for this moment.

btw, welcome in my ‘wool room’. This is where the fleeces live, my spinning wheels, the boxes with wool, felt and dye equipment. And a big microwave for dyeing wool and heating up the milk for my coffee snob husband.

It is a smidge too small…. It cannot close comfortable. And that is after I already increased 4 extra stitches in each front panel! Luckily, it can be blocked wider. The same for the sleeves, those are uncomfortably tight at the forearms.

Those too may well block out. (insert wishfull thinking here please)

Kelmscott cardigan will be blocked again. Because I plan to dye it. Yes.

This beige colour is not good for me, you see, it washes me out. It’s a strange colour to look at anyway. Close up you see the ’80s rolling by: neon yellow, neon pink, neon green. Quite bizar.

I think it will be green, foresty green. Or purple, wine coloured. It will take a bit of technique to dye a garment evenly. That is why it is already blocked once, to open up the stitches. Were I to dye it first and block it later, light specks might come peeping out from where the stitches stretch. I learned that in this shawl:

when you see it IRL you can see pink hues in the stitches. Here you see the colour it was when I knitted it:

it was blocked previously but not good enough. (look, I dyed it in the colour of the beads! Totally lucky. I did test the beads for heat resistance before knitting them in though)

Dyeing is great. Some colours are no fun to knit with (black for most people. Blue for me -yes, I’m weird. Blue look stunning on me but I hate to knit with it. Or spin it. weird weird weird)

other things to consider when dyeing Kelmscott are: start with cool water, dye and wool.  Stretch and twirl the wool in the water so the colour can reach everywhere. Add vinegar and heat later.

And for easy drying: don’t attach the collar yet. Dye, then block the two pieces, then seam together.

For 2012 I’m done 🙂

2013 starts tomorrow with a fun Pippi L. KAL and a spinning challenge. The day after I host a Winter Knitting Party here at my gnomye home (the try-out for the salmon-bacon muffins was succesfull! that is our fingerfood for tonight).

January will also bring owl mittens and dog approved mitts for a friend who professionally dyes quality yarns. That’ll be a challenge, to give her something good. In between I’ll be dyeing Kelmscott and finishing the bananasweater. That last one is knitting in the round so should be a good project for the Winter Knitting Party on Jan 2nd. Can knit in the round and talk at the same time, you see.

In between I’ll be thinking about making a blanket. With free form crocheted cats. It was not in my queue (which is ridiculous as it is) but there’s a KAL starting in one of my favourite groups and the Poinsettia KAL taught me KALs work for me. Spread the stress, allow for some downtime. So I caved. And I convinced myself 2013 will have more hours per day than previous years.

Tomorrow I hope to sit on the floor, surrounded by wools to chose the colours for that blanker. (and hosting that Pippi KAL, baking for the party and spinning artyarns.)

Yes, tomorrow will be the first day with 31 hours in it, you’ll see.

Have a happy transition into the New Year!


5 thoughts on “Kelmscott cardigan done

  1. That cardigan is just gorgeous! And thanks for the tips on dyeing FOs- I acquired some fab merino lace for peanuts at a charity sale, but it is baby blue, aaargh! Now I think I’ll tackle dyeing for the first time ever….

  2. Your Kelscott looks beautiful. Your knitting looks top notch. I just recently purchased this patternand I’m hoping you will help me. On the chart symbols for the front there is one that looks like a window and says RS PU-k, WS PU-p. What does that mean? Does it mean pick up and knit, Pick up and purl??????? Your help would be so so so Appreciated. Thank you

    • when you pick up stitches you can choose from with side you pull the yarn through, from the Right Side or the Wrong Side. One looks like a knit stitch, the other creates a little bump like purl stitch.

      so RS PU-k probably means: From the Right Side Pick Up a stitch Knit wise.

      good luck with your Kelmscott, it’s such a nice cardigan.

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