Snow Sweater is finished! No more bananas.

I finished it today! Blocked and all! It wears great. I can breathe. My arms can move. No yellow so this has not become a banana sweater after all but it is my Snow Sweater.

I reknitted the sleeves to a more comfortable size. I made them extra long too.

here you can see I knitted the dark, than the stranded part and then the white. Then I went back and added a few white specks in the dark part. You can see them when you follow the witches hand, the apple, the sleeve: 3 white stitches in the dark. Later on I added some dark specks in the white part.

It makes for a more ‘snowy’ transition in the colours but it saves me from stranded yarn along when it’s only used for a few stitches here and there. I did the same with the yoke. But I refrained from it for the lower border because I felt it would look too busy on my tummy.

this was also when I tried it on to see if the border would look all right. It does not. The stranded part is waaaaay too tight. Had to frog and reknit. I added 10% stitches before I redid the stranded part.

Strangely enough my gauge when stranding is tighter than without. I have to go up a needle size. This was done on needles 3,5mm but the white parts -without stranding- where done on 2,5mm or even less. To get a nice fabric. Did not have to decrease stitches either.

the borders on the sleeve and bottom of the pullover are done with a hem and a picot edge.

you knit the length you want the part to be, than do one row of *k2tog, YO*

then knit the length you want the hem to be.

fold over and sew together. Not too tight because you you want the fabric to be able to stretch.

with blocking the stitches become much more even an the endresult is great. The picots are rumoured to withstand wear better than just an odd row of purls to make the fold. In the Netherlands we call the picot edge “little mouse teeth”. It was used a lot in the old days, because of its sturdiness.

The grey wool is my own handspun, using the fleece of an organic sheep from organic farm De Laan van Wisch. Spun in 2ply, fingering weight.

Now please, can I go inside, out of the cold?


2 thoughts on “Snow Sweater is finished! No more bananas.

  1. Mooi geworden! En met recht een sneeuwtrui met de etra vlokken.
    Van de muizentandjes dat wist ik niet, dat dat slijtvaster zou zijn. Goed om te onthouden.
    Ik breide eerst ook vaster tijdens het breien met twee draden, sinds ik met twee handen brei (een draad over de rechterwijsvinger en een over de linker), brei ik wat losser en moet ik de spanning op de linkerhand wat aanpassen.

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