have yarn, won’t knit

Well, this is a nuisance: I’m seeing double.

It started a few months ago. Right after I got an iPad and started this blog so I claiming coolness and am calling it Gamers Vision Syndrome.

The eyedocter at the hospital mentioned a relation to my age and my grandmother having gaugloma but since I was seen at the childrens ward and had to focus at a little bear at an aeroplane (really!) I’m going like this:

For the knitting this is bad news. I should really cut back at the focusing on the distance between my nose and mu hands. Which is where all the knitting and surfing occurs. Which is also why I am no longer am mending all typos, I hope you understand.

For knitting I have to push back all my plans for fiddly things: stranded colourwork; inrtinsic lace; kitcheners stich; crochet; beading and mending socks (as if I’d do that. No. Socks with holes are behaving bad and I scold them and then they have to go in the time out zone also known as the rubbish bin.) (Unless they have nice borders, than I make them into wristwarmers.)


these socks were a gift (ultimate gift!!! handknitted socks!! hours and hours of attention) but they developed holes. The cuff with the apples I made into wristwarmers that I happily wear during ‘apple season’. I’ve just spend an hour looking for them to show you but cannot find them. It’s not aple season…

Back to knitting plans: I will have to shuffle my queue. The queue I build with so much attention! The queue that assured that I would finally knit the things I have been wanting to knit for months years now and use the yarns that are singing to me from the stash!

here’s the original: (sorry, the links won’t work)

Jan: host and knit Pippi Longstocking Lace Shawl KAL finishing 
Jan: knit owl mitts for me kit made 
Jan: design and knit mitts for a friend done 
Jan: do the spinners challenge done 
Jan: crochet one cat for the freeform Kitty Blanket done 
Jan: socks with this januari yarn started 
Jan: felt winterlights halfway 
knit a block weekly for KarmaKnusdeken 1,2,3 done 
Feb: dye Kelscott cardigan 
Feb: design and knit Woodland Creatures Stranded Sweater 
Feb: knit something with that gorgeous turkoise silk 
Feb: crochet border or cat for freeform Kitty Blanket 
March: knit mitts for aunt Aafke 
March: design and knit Metalic Lace with beads 
March: design a block for the Karmaknusdeken blanket 
March: crochet one cat for the freeform Kitty Blanket 
Spring: knit Elven Hooded Scarf 
Spring: spin Longdraw Camel Down 
Spring: crochet one cat for the freeform Kitty Blanket

There are also a few plans without a fixed date yet:

Somewhere in between: finish gothische xmas socks; finish slipped stitch Puckered socks; use Koigu yarn; use Bowmont yarn; do some felting; use lots and lots of the stash; spin; dye the FOs I don’t wear; participate in a few swaps; host and visit knitter parties

also: frog and reknit Donegal cardigan in the right size. Frog, redesign and knitJanuary Dream Shawl.. Use Loudmouth yarnBourette silk yarn and Posh Eva yarn. And re-use that Lang yarn alpaca dyed in the ball. With beads. 

there are also 2 lovely Skew wips to finish. I really like to wear those socks! Spin that yakthat camel and that other camel. 
oh, and I want to felt a complete fleece into a rug. And a long skirt, with Wensleydale locks. And a bag. And winter wonderland lights 21 Jan. And a wallet. And cushion covers. 
Brioche! also want to do brioche. Need a headcover, silk preferably. And a cowl, in Santenay yarn. 
Eta: and a pooling scarf. With that EasyKnits yarn Poppyfield. Mustmust!

sorry the links don’t work. They do on my profile page at Ravelry if you want to know more sepcifics.

That’s quiet a list! And I was well on my way for January! It gave peace of mind to know that I would eventually come around to allt he projects I’ve been wanting to make for so long. No need to keep them milling around in my head.

Now I have to shuffle. Right. I noted what I can’t do. Here are the things I CAN do without looking at my hands: garterstitch, stockinette stitch, ribbing, felting. spinning?

So for now I’ll place to the top of the queue any garterstitch shawl I’ve been wanting to make (these are shawls where the yarn will be the main element. An excellent opportunity to use up soem handspun such as:

that gnomey yarn that was too scratchy for the neck…

I have a small sweater worth of black and white handspun. Soft enough for next to skin wear. No pattern springs to mind though…

this handspun which will make an adorable yoke for a white sweater. I can do a simple sweater on big needles without looking too much at it.

this 780 m of handspun slowly transitions from purple to raspberry. I’ve been toying around with it a bit. I’de really like a thick shawl to snuggle into. It is good and soft so perhaps….

Ok, one note for me: when I decide to knit with handspun: use a bigger needle than you think. I have a tendency to knit handspun planks.

for felting there are a few wishes:

– finish the small thingies to put x-mas lights into

– felt some cushion covers for the forest cabin (in dark orange. or perhaps triangles echoing gnome hats?)

– a dress or a skirt. No, that would be too much of a project right now. Keep it simple.

Other knit projects: a sideways scarf in ribbing or garter stitch. My friend Marleen from DutchKnittingDesign.com has a lovely design Vlinder (‘Butterfly’ in Dutch). This shawl has shaping so it will sit on your shoulders. Not like a triangle shawl that will slip off easily.

only takes one skein of sockyarn (400 m in sock or fingering weight) and has my favorite stitch at the border: koffieboontje (‘little coffee bean’). there is a bit of kitchener in the middle, so the front panels will look exactly the same. I will have to think about an alternative: either do a figure 8 cast on and start in the middle and work to the fronts (one at the time). Or work from side to side and accept that the frontpanels will not look exactly the same. Which might be a problem since they will lay neatly side by side at the front. (no shawl pin needed)

that reminds me, I shall not be able to bend shawlpins either! …bummer. I have a bit of green wire I want to make into a sheep for a dear friend.

but a thing I can do without looking too hard is wind skeins into balls. And dye. And talk a walk outside. There’s still snow here so it’s lovely. I’;; start with that one.


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