weird wool Wednesday

  1. my bright licht peacock blue green dyeing pot got lost in the woods.
  2. mr. Gauge is lying again. Normally I need to go down 1 size (sometimes two) to get gauge. But today I don’t get how people get 24 stitches in 10 cm (4″) with a DK yarn without knitting it on 2,5 mm needles (US 2)
  3. I have an enormous urge to buy more wool for sweaters! I already have four storebought stashes for sweaters in this house but I am just one click away of buying another four mountains of yarn. I really want to!

the peacock colour I aimed for:


my result:

a hunters green, pine. Lovely colour! but not quiet the bright teal I want to make a February sweater in, nów.

The yarn is Frankengarn Sock with Silk.

Here now is my swatch with Frankengarn DK:

needles used from top to bottom: 3,75mm; 4mm; 3,5mm; 3,25mm; 3mm

gauge in 10 cm after washing: 16,4st; 15,2st; 18,75st; 18,5st; 19st.

in case you see too much numbers: normal people knit this on 4mm (or 4,5mm) and get 24 st/10cm. I knit on 3 mm and do not even reach 20. And I knit more loose on 3,25mm than on 3,5mm. What’s wrong with me?


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