Pippi KAL Lace Shawl finished

the Pippi Lace Shawl is finished!

The lace opened up beautiful with the blocking. The knitting looked a bit crumpled pre-blocking (see top picture) but now it’s uniform.

I’m glad I chose to make a “ladylike” shawl: light and beautiful that I can wear at any occasion, also in Summer. The shawl is warm but also airy enough to prance around in in hot weather. Throw it unto my bear arms and shoulders, combine it with a dress.

not much prancing at the moment:

On the last day I had to unpick the cast-on because it was too tight. Normally this yarn (Lang Yarn Alpaca Light) frogs well but with a cast-on that usually doesn’t work because knitting has a direction.

*snip! snip*

You can see how fluffy the yarn is. It is supersoft and can be worn next to (baby) skin. Usually I steer clear from alpaca. It sheds and makes me sneeze or there are guard hairs in the yarn that make me itch. The animal itself doesn’t charm me either, me being more oriented towards the non-herd predatory cuddly species. Such as cats and cat-fish and people.

But this yarn is very good. Only 25 grams on a ball but I once made a sweater with 3,3 balls. That’s 660 m on needles 5mm:

The Pippi Lace Shawl was knitted on 4,5 mm and used slightly over 2 balls. It blocked to 1 meter long and 45 cm wide. (about 3 foot long and 1,5 foot wide?)(40″ long and 16.5″ wide) projectpage here


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