February Sweater: start

here’s the start.

I did a provisional cast-on and started with the coloured yarn right away. This has two reasons. One is that I usually make a mistake in determining how much increases a round yoke needs. This way I can shift the yoke up or down the sweater, depending on where it fits best. Later on I’ll pick up stitches and work upwards, towards the neck. It’s easier to adjust the right fit then.

Second: I want to knit with the nice colours. Now!

Finally, a picture that shows the actual colours!

After knitting the yoke downwards I’ll pick up the thick and thin ‘Stientje’ yarn. I probably adjust needle size for that. I definitately will adjust stitch count. I’ll do this as I knit along. I don’t feel like doing calculations right now, not when I have not even started knitting yet. I want to get my hands on yarns first, get a feel for how it knits up.

After that I will add a border at the top, for my skinny little neck that feels so cold on most days.. Picking up the provisional cast on and working upwards will give me the freedom to make any border I feel like. Perhaps this sweater turns out so warm I want an open neckline. Perhaps I’ll feel giddy and want a frilly border. We’ll see. For now I am happy not to think abou tthat yet and just start knitting with these colours.

project page on Ravelry here

Cast on 60 stitches with needles 4mm
Increase 4 st every row, scattered randomly and evenly. This is the standard increase rate for a round yoked sweater. Or a round shawl. Or a round table cloth. Usually this is done by increasing 8 stitches every second row but it comes down to the same thing.

Provisional cast on: stitches on just a piece of string.


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