Weird Wool Wednesday: Stientje on the train

I was on the train, knitting on my Stientje sweater.


My knitting distracted people from their phones and game devices, I noticed lot of glances and some people just got lost in the rythmic movement of my hands (one of the many reasons why knitting is good for you: repetitive movement is soothing for busy brains)

anyway, there came a moment that I peeled off my outer clothes to try on the yoke+sleeves to see if I needed to start the vertical bust darts. In a packed train compartment I sat there, in a nest of my coat, shawl and other sweater, and I wurmed my head through the neck opening and put on the yoke.

People about fell over when the formless heap of wool in my lap magicly became a sweater-in-progress!!

Especially the guy right next to me, he literally moved his body back to get a better look, with wide eyes and a broad smile. Magic! On the train!


On the way back a group of women sat around me and they, not being knitters themselves, were happy to educate me. I happily share their lessons with you since I know you are always on the lookout for more wooly knowledge:

1. Norwegian sweaters cannot be washed. Yes they are expensive but no they cannot be washed. Even the drycleaners do not have a special treatment for them.

2. You have to know exactly how many stitches to cast on with a sweater because a sweater cannot be knitted smaller. It cán be knitted bigger, but not smaller. So beware.

so there you are.


here’s how I travelled the rest of my way: incognito and wielding sharp points. I was not educated by strangers much after looking like this:


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