End of February: no sweater

Aww, sweater Stientje did not get finished before March the first.

I did finish the second sleeve (not too tight) and opted for a more sympathetic border. With this bulky yarns just binding off is an option. With smaller yarns it is not because the stockinette stitch will make it curl.

Not having enough brain power to think about the collar properly I opted for reknitting the border of the other sleeve and of the body instead. That’s what took all evening.

This is the state of affairs on the brink of the new month:

yes, that left sleeve does look a bit tight…

the right sleeve (seen on the left in the picture) is done with the two yarns held together. It is softer and a tad thicker than the left sleeve (seen on the right). The left sleeve has not been stretched here yet, it has only been reknitted for the last 10 centimeteres and binded off. It is coarser than the other sleeve. I don’t have very friendly feelings towards is. So I’ll just finish the border of the body tonight. Later I’ll stretch it all and try it on. Let’s say in the morning, when I am more level headed. Presumably 😉

Then I’ll make some decisions about the collar too. I already have the yarn skeined for it.

Well. So. I have to face the fact that I’ll be knitting a Februari sweater in March. Luckily I now remember that on Sunday I have a one hour car ride to make. I need a simple round and round project for that. If I manage to think about the collar enough before we leave I could knit it in the car.

I also need a simple project for when we arrive in the city and I flop on the couch and vegetate for the rest of the evening. So there, sweater time planned. I feel much more organized already! Let March begin!

other plans I have for this month are:

  • knit Peabody Sweater
  • knit orange mitts for my aunt and for me
  • knit a lace shawl with beads in metal colours. I want spikes.
  • buy luxureous yarn for a sweater (please understand this is an exercise in not opting for the cheap version for once. I seldom value myself enough to spring for the good stuff. This month I am going to.)
  • twice. Once on Saturday the 2nd and once on Friday the 29th. When spoiling yourself, practice.
  • design and knit a block for the KarmaKnusDeken blanket

hihi, look at the great labels this girl sells:

by SublimeStitching


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