chocolate helps

For the KarmaKnusDeken blanket this was the design for the block called Chocolates! :

We love chocolates on the Dutch Karma Swap Group over on where this blanket comes from. We are empowered by chocolates. I myself am fortified by chocolate. Especially by these dark chocolate bonbons I buy from a Dutch tea and coffee entrepeneur called Simon Lévelt. They sell artisan chocolates that only contain good ingrediënts. With real vanilla! (my brain chemistry is thankful.) I always have the “CacaoKernen”, I eat one every day:

or two…

about 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm (one inch by one inch and half an inch high. Full of dark rich chocolate!)

they are made by the small but fine chocolaterier Visser Chocolade. They are a good company: focused on quality, organic, fair trade. And taste, above all. Proof that good will get you ahead.

I just love how the block and my Visser chocolates echo each other. Better start knitting:


The block is a combination of knits and purls ánd of two colours stranded knitting. A new technique for me. I believe Bohus knitting works this way too? It’s a very nice way of using one colour to catch the light with the purl bumps.

first I tried the light colour in combination with the purls because I thought they would catch the light. But that did not look right:


then I tried the dark colour in combination with the purls, much better:



finished. unblocked. have a chocolate.


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