multicolour solution

Once upon a time, I dyed this skein of sockyarn:

Zitron Trekking Sock Yarn dyed with leftover acid dyes.

it was meant for selfstriping socks:

pattern: Skew with mods for high instep and broad foot.

I only have the one sock because I did not like how the yarn knit up. To have all those various shades of colours in the skein and see them end up as plain old paprika stew on the foot! (pepper bells)

So the remainder of the skein got burried in the stash for a while. I did wear the one sock (I’m a Pippi at heart)

Then, earlier this year the skein got tossed into the box “give away or swap”. I just did not love it any more, not when it knits up like this. I had lost my love for a lot of multi colours, I prefer semi solids now. That’s how the box “give away or swap” came to contain ‘a few’ skeins and I felt free to purchase sweater worths of (semi) solid yarn. You know how that works.

But, suddenly, yesterday a piece of wood arrived at my house…. and it needed a bit of scrap yarn to sing. So I grabbed the paprikastew Trekking and started talking to the wood:

at dinnertime I had a wonderful piece of fabric that showed all the multi colours of the skein beautifully:

fresh of the loom, my first plain weave ever.


it’s so pretty! and so fast.

It’s a Rigid Heddle Loom and in a next post I’ll tell you all about it. Right after I welcome all the multi coloured skeins in that box back into the stash.


One thought on “multicolour solution

  1. Hi Anna,
    We hebben elkaar gisteren ontmoet op de ALV van de Spingroep en ik vond het leuk om meteen eens te kijken wat je allemaal maakt. Je sneeuwtrui is fantatisch. Ik heb gisteren dit sjaaltje gezien en in het echt is-t-ie nog mooier. Je vertelde toen ook dat deze wol in een streepjessok duf was, en ja, dat vind ik ook. Een hele creatieve move om deze wol te gaan weven.
    Groet, José

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