Peabody sweater: joining sleeves

I’m at that point where you join the sleeves to the body. I never did this before. Usually when I knit bottom up I just finish the body and then pick up stitches in the armholes and knit a sleeve downwards.

Now knit upwards untill your sweater is finished.

I’m having a little trouble deciding where to place the decreases and how much of them when. Normally it’s 8 decreases every other row. But I wanted the look of set-in sleeved since I find that flattering. This involves too much thinking. Because I’d have to do multiple shapings at once: pretend there’s a front and back panel and place their regular arm hole decreases in the body only a bit different because of yes/no bind offs and parked stitches while at the same time try to remember how top down sleeves increase at this point and put those in as decreases upside down…

so this will be a standard round yoke, decreasing about 8 stitches every other round. Perhaps a bit more at the upper bust since I increased a bit extra there for room and I need less fabric there than at my (squarish) back anyway. My back only needs decreases right at the top, to be honest. But that’ll be about it.

When the sweater was still a separate body and two sleeves I tried it on, here are some (bad) pictures:

two things:

1. the lace panel is indeed a bit holey. Don’t wear a light shirt under this sweater.

2. the shaping turned out rather well! This time I went for a size S all the way up to my bust. Usually I do M because that’s who I think I am. But really I am a size S with a big bust. This sweater now fits my lower back and hugs my body right under my bust. (while giving my tummy a bit of room)(because I need it there)(don’t we all)

In the picture there appears to be a bit of a bulk in my lower back but that’s because I am standing awkwardly and also there’s another woolen skirt underneath my teal one and it bulks up just there.

At the stitch marker in the middle you see where I increased like a crazy person (had to get from 70cm to 90cm, that’s 8″) and you also see the horizontal bust dart. It’s just a horizontal line really, running from the stitch marker to your left. Underneath that line there’s a pie slice worth of extra fabric, allowing the sweater to ’round the curb’ without adding extra length to the sides or the back.

The pie slice is done in short rows, knitting to and fro, ín the lace panel, so I had to do stitches in reverse. But I did it and it worked.

(I may have knitted the sleeves too tight. Again. When will I learn?)


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