pushing yarn around

I hit a bit of a snag in non-knitting life and it’s affecting my knitting life. I can’t think! I can’t follow a chart.

Projects are lying all about, only needing a little bit of brain capacity to bring them to the finishline. Peabody Sweater only needs a little bit of upward knitting and a collar. But I’ve been pushing it around the room for weeks now, not able to muster up that little bit of brain power.

It usually lies on this chair.

Sometimes it lies on the other chair. There are days it is on the ground for a bit. It has been stuffed into a bag. It has been to the city and back. Twice. But is has not been knitted. I did dream of wearing it because it has been perfect Peabody weather.

The same with the orange mitts I am making. They are lying in wait. They have not traveled that much because they are not for me. They are in the cupboard and are looking at me from behind the glass.

Next to them is a skein of white wool. I agreed to make my neighbour a pair of mitts. She is making me a hand thrown mug. A wonderful exchange! I hope she doesn’t fire up the kiln any time soon because… well….the skein is in the cupboard.

In the mean time I started a fitted Summer Top in gorgeous Silk tweed in a vibrant greenblue:

Lang Seta Tweed in colour (804.00)78

Hours of lovely mindless stockinette stitch! Such a blessing when you cannot think straight.

But they have come to an end, those hours… now it only needs two little sleeve caps and a little bit of brainpower to figure those out. Here you see it hidden underneath two shawls I started instead. Shawls in simple stockinette. One in charcoal tencel and one in green.

But hey, I’ve got chocolate!


One thought on “pushing yarn around

  1. Doe even als de poes: mee in de flow van ‘as time goes by’ … , tot de tijden van ontdekken en uitvinden weer daar zijn…

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