Weird Wool Wednesday: have yarn, will travel

I found myself in the train rather a lot the last week.

I went to visit a friend for an afternoon of knitting and eating sweets on the couch:

travelling back, very tired and happy and stuffed with homemade appeltaart:
(my feet are resting on my jacket, not on the couch)

Then I had to travel to the north because my grandmother passed away:

Long hours in the train, interspersed with long breaks for tea to prepare for the next stint. Lots of time to think about grandmother, who knitted for food in the War and who gave me the knitting book that she got from her own mother:

Het breien a book from 1896!!

Yesterday I returned home, bringing with me one of her cups:

we both love watching and feeding birds and doing needle work. I spend a lovely couple of days with my two ants sharing stories.

On this trip I bound off the shawl I was working on. It is now finished.

Knitting is a wonderful way of travel. The repetitive motion soothes and it occupies the hands while you are looking out and pondering.


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