Finished: Little Blue Riding Hood


pattern Pauline by Hanley Cardozo, the Knitting Ninja. Pauline is one of her free patterns, found here

I made mine with Lang Yarn Seta Tweed, a DK yarn. Leftover from my Silk Summer Top.

on 2 mm needles to get gauge: 18 st per 10 cm/4″

the i-cord I did on smaller needles, 1,5 mm. The leaves and roses on bigger: 3 mm.

I knitted until the piece was 7,5 inches long before I turned the corner. Previously I had followed the pattern and turned at inches but that turned out too short, it wouldn’t fit my head.

It’s a nice little thing, I enjoy wearing it. It’s a bit chilly out here and having something on your head helps. It is also a kind of hug of some sorts, especially as it covers my ears. Sensitive people probably know what I’m talking about. It’s like you’re walking around with your hands covering your ears, a very nice feeling.


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