Weird Wool Wednesday: skirting a fleece

When you are a knitting hostess at the Dutch Farm- and Countryfair in the large ‘wool tent’ which is filled with sheep and wool vendors and you were not able to resist all the fleeces and bought the very last Clun Forest fleece on your way out of the tent after closing hours on the very last day and you get home all excited and giddy and decide to skirt the fleece then and there….

“skirting” means spreading out the fleece and inspecting it and throwing away the ‘skirts’ which are the outer layers that are solid with sheep poop. The whole fleece is filled with lanoline, dirt and pee.

please change into something comfortable first. Skirting a fleece in you fancy felted couture dress is not smart, in fact, it is very dirty.

Festive though. And very “wooly”. Got lots of compliments at the fair.

they should smell me now…



toppictures copyright of The woman in the bluegrey shirt is Betty Stikkers, aknowledged fleece judge and the driving force behind fleece quality, wool awareness and the Shetland sheep breed in the Netherlands. And friendly and professional too!


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