Finished: Socks

I’ve been finishing socks. They are easy projects. Easy to transport, easy on the mind. It’s nice to finish things, makes you feel like you accomplish something.

January Socks:

This pattern was chosen to match this multi coloured yarn. Without the floating strands the colours might look all muddled up. The floats highlight some of the colours.

One of the socks is more purple overall, the other more green. It is handdyed yarn by Dutch Wool Diva. Very soft yet very durable. This is Sock Star.

The other socks I finished this week:

Pattern Pucker by General Hogbuffer

You use two skeins of very different colour. I used a white one and a sockblanket. The technique is called “mosaic knitting”. Each round you slip half of the stitches unknit. Because you change colour every other round you get short columns of the other colour, via those slipped stitches.

It does mean you have to knit 4 rounds to get 2 rounds of knitting done. I will not use this technique again, it is way too slow. I’ll just do stranded knitting the next time.

It is funny how the unknit sock looks though. All puckered and twisted. It only gets it shape when you put it on.

I got bored with the pattern and way too brain foggy too, to do the counting, so I improvised a bit:


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