Tour de Fleece

The Tour de France has started. Around the world, all kinds of spinners are spinning their wheels and worls also: Tour de Fleece .

During the tour we are spinning fibres and we are sharing what we do in pictures and posts all over the internet but mostly on Ravelry.

I have prepared a lovely mountain of purple dyed fleece. This is a Swifter Texelaar mix. Dyed by Lia from

I have combed out the tips and the white coarsier hairs (used a dog comb) and have started spinning.

Trying out drafting from the fold:

But settling for drafting from the grow tips. For a smoother thread.

It will be a 2 ply, about the thickness of DK.

Although the locks are pretty long and the majority of it is dyed fuchsia, the thread ends up much darker. The dark tips wrap around the thread, darkening it.

the locks are all well over 10 cm/4″. Closer to 15 cm I think (6″)

This is my wheel. A Louet S70. All solid oak, including the bobbins. I very much like this wheel, it has character. It is also great for sitting outdoors. It is a good wheel.


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