Tour de Fleece First Week Collages

Tour de Fleece is one week on its way. Here are the collages I made showing results for each day:

(Yeah…. day 7 was not a fun day.) Overall I am happily spinning purple and doing so outside, under the red beech tree. There are wonderful smells in the air, now that various flowers bloom.

I do wish I had put more time into preparing the wool. There are some white coarse hairs in this fleece and they will make the yarn more scratchy. If only I had combed them all out…

The first bobbin I spun with the nice fibre, with few coarse hairs. Now I am left with the coarser pieces and spinning is less fun that way. Still, better soldier on. I am looking forward to having a two ply yarn of this colour. And a garment from it.

Then I want to get started on that greenblue fleece. Which needs to be prepped first.

I cannot decide how to prep it. It is Clun Forest. It has no coarse hairs. It is quite frizzy though. And soft. Excellent for Long Draw spinning! Which is a favourite technique of mine. But I don’t like the weel I have for that.  And the right prep would mix the colour into an uniform green. Which might not be a bad thing in itself, if you dream of owning a forest gren dragon cardigan. Which I do.

Spinning from the locks will give more colour variation. And more colour experience while spinning. Easier spinning too, more relaxed. For that I could comb each lock but I would lose quite a lot of the fibre with short staple lengths, which is perfectly spinnable especially with Long Draw. I hate to throw away good fibre.

I could card the fleece on my drum carder. Fast, clean. Ready to spin. Only that would mix the colours again. And I don’t like spinning from batts very much. I don’t know why.

One additional problem with Long Draw is that I will be travelling to and from the city in the next two weeks and I need to decide upfront which spinning wheel will live where and what technique I will use on it. And, as you may have guessed from Collage Day 7, I am not in the best condition to think and plan ahead at the moment.

I’ve got wool problems!

Green luxury problems.


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