Second week of Tour de Fleece

On day ten the Tour rested.

It has been a weird, intense and marvellous week!

Let me summarize the days for you:

Day 8: I started plying. Plying is tedious work, I prefer to start early, before all the singles are spun, so I do not have to do the plying all at the end. Plying a bobbin of this size will easily take 3 hours….First skein finished.

Day 9: Needed to comb more wool for the singles of the second skein. I also started to investigate and comb some of the green wool I want to spin afterwards.

Day 10: a rest day in the Tour. I spend it in the city, having my eyes checked out.

Day 11: I drove myself and the cat back to the cabin. In the morning I had met with my GP/doctor and had explained about some scientific thing I’m doing to regain my health (I’ve had my genome sequenced, identified which enzymes are not working because of DNA mutations and have started supplementing for them. Slooooowly. The doctor was delighted! But the appointment took all my energy.)

I managed to get us home safe and spun a little sitting under the tree while the sun set.

Day 12: a weird, fabulous day! I did not do any spinning. Instead I was a true paper hero and analyzed both technical research papers and county policies and drafted a paper that I send off to court. I have never done a thing like that but the energy I got from it was amazing, just like it was when I was still healthy and had my wits about me. A totally unexpected venture with totally unexpected results and new friends among the neighbours.

Day 13: celebrating the birthday of a lovely woman who appreciates wool, nature and harmony. I spun singles and plied it. Skein two is done. I got some real good advice how to approach the third skein.

Day 14: a day of recuperation. I played with my spindle and some Swifter locks I got from a friend, to try out. Wonderful breed! But overall I’m very tired and slept most of the day away.


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