Tour de Fleece: finish line


the last week of the Tour de Fleece I made these collages:

“carding”……………………”needs combing”……….”cat castle”…………..”where you at with your string?”



On Day 21 I didn’t spin but went to a wedding at the beach. It was lovely!



and that concludes the Tour de Fleece. I spun nearly every day and it was really fun, in a relaxed way. No feverish goals or gnashing teeth trying to accomplish them. Instead I sat under the tree and carded and spun or I sat inside and watched the Tour on TV and spun or combed wool.

A lovely time.

Besides this being its own reward I got three bonusses out of this:

1. I’m still spinning. The Tour has ended but I’m still carding rollags and spinning Long Draw

2. I got a prize!! The international Tour de Fleece crowd on awards random prizes every day and one day I won! I was free to chose a prize from the impressing mountain of prizes that shops or individuals had offered. Including international shipping!

I chose a sheep mug by Rivers Edge Fiber Arts


3. I won another prize!! The Dutch people of the Dutch Karma Group over on Ravelry are a tight and generous bunch. We all participated in Team Karma and we all offered a prize.

I offered this Sock Wool Spinners Parcel, by Jeanet Koek. These are three breeds of roving (Texel, LaPlata and Wensleydale). You get two rovings of each. All six rovings are dyed the same.

As you spin it and later ply them into a 3ply you get a sockyarn that transits through all the colours, giving you socks that have yellow toes, purple heels and blue cuffs.

My team mate Meta from Kleurvol won and chose this prize. Tomorrow I am going to bring it to her.

I myself chose an offer made by Pimmie who loves Long Draw spinning as much as I do. She will dye wool and some of her bunny fluff (angora rabbit) and card them into rolags for me. All I have to do is spin it! A great prize 🙂


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