Weird Wool Wednesday: making a list

I’m making a new list of all the patterns and yarn I want to use in the remainder of this year.

At the beginning of the year I made such a list and it felt great. My thoughts were in order and plans I absolutely wanted to realize had a place. As the months progressed I amended the list and put done in big bold letters behind every thing I finished:

Finishing things and crossing them of the list was a very nice feeling.
it’s a long list. I even added things without giving them a month. In the end I just blurted out all things I absolutely want to do, asap. Some even got done.


I even did some things that were not on the list. Not giving them a done made me a little sad…
I didn’t do some things that were on the list and absolutely need to be done this year. This makes me a little sad too. But what can you do? Knitting is my hobby and sometimes plans and yarn will just not play nice.

All in all I got a lot of things done and now have some items in my closet that I really needed or wanted and I didn’t come around to making before. So there. Score!

Then last Friday I spoke with a woman who raises sheep for fleece quality:


Raising sheep for fleece quality is not something many people do in my country. Or any country for that matter. She is good. She works with Merino’s and Bowmont sheep. Her sheep wear a protective jacket. I can’t wait! I asked to purchase a fleece from her in the new year.

This made me put the first thing on the list for next year…





which means I better get my list sorted out because this year is going to end someday and there are still three fleeces hidden in this house that need to be prepped, spun and preferably knitted before that beauty arrives in the new year.  By then the new year will have a list of its own and I’ll have to marry the two lists and time is limited and SQUAAK! Breathe…. and prioritize.

So, this weekend I settled on the couch, surrounded by my iPad, my computer, my notebook and some yarn, needles and tea and I made a new list. Reshuffle the existing list. Weed out what didn’t light my fire any more. Squeeze in some new loves.

Do not try to read my scribbling… I was just making quick notes, to be made into a good, neat, readable list later on. On the left are some projects I really want to make in the next few months. On the right some sort of calendar (with wool fests as its most important notations). At the top some yarns.

I love making lists! Making sense. Allocating time, effort and wool. It’s not ready yet, this list is not prioritized yet, I need to work on it some more. A lot more.

Which is why I do not understand how this happened:


I’ve stopped working on the list and I’m casting on for cardigan Wrenna, from the book French Knits, which isn’t on any list of mine, in that dark handspun in my lap that wasn’t even in my Ravelry-stash. On the side I’m planning cardigan Lauriel, from the book Little Red in the City, which isn’t on my list either what with it’s bare neck and me being cold, in that skein of Lang Yarn Donegal in a great red that is very much a colour that washes me out.

One of those weird wool things I quess…


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