Karma Knus Blanket: more blocks

I caught up, nearly:

Hearts, with slipped stitches in the Mosaic technique (the technique I vowed never to use again. But I make exceptions for Karma Sisters.)

a new technique for me: illusion knitting. Wonderful technique!! It’s just garter stitch but you change pace midrow.

I spun this silk myself, long ago. Silk has long fibres and you must remember to draft the fibre with your hands far apart, think 30 centimeters of 16 inches, otherwise the silk will cut into your fingers. This yarn has a beautiful shine and the pattern really makes it sparkle.

“Simple” patterned blocks are a relief to knit.

This is done with the Stranded Technique, a technique I find very relaxing. I have one thread over one finger, the other thread over the finger on the other hand. I alternate knitting techniques: Combined Continental with left, Miss Marple English Throw withe the right hand.

What I do not like is to have to swirl the two thread around each other at the back of the work. This is necessary when one colour doesn’t get knit for many stitches. My personal number is 5, if a colour is not being knit over more than 5 stitches it needs to be swirled at the back. This involves dropping both threads from my hands and “frunnik” them around each other.

Which is why this block features small specks of the light colour all over the dark background. I added them to avoid knitting longer than 5 stitches. It didn’t work everywhere because I had to give the letters a clear dark surrounding. Like underneath the A.

Also, I didn’t get a satisfactory solution for the two hearts in the design… I tried two things and I’m not satisfied with either. I chose to keep them and I hope the designer of the block, Bloem, doesn’t mind too much.


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