Weird Wool Wednesday: spinning bunnies

This is an Angora bunny:

It is a rabbit that has a DNA mutation that makes it hair grow and grow and grow. The same way it does in Angora cats and Angora goats.

It has to have its hair clipped every few months. This fluff can be dyed. Say turquoize. It is soft and smooth, it is hair.

Then you clip some wool from a sheep, say a German Merino. These clipping you dye pink. This is wool, it has small invisible roughness on each hair that makes it want to stick together.

Then you card them together to make rolags:

You send them to me and I spin them, Long Draw style:

This is one single, with lots and lots of twist. I ply it with another single, I make a two ply. It will be a pinkish yarn with some flecks of blue.

Then I knit with it. Perhaps a cowl.

I wear the cowl.

During the movements of the wearing the bunny hairs slowly work their way out of the 2 ply thread. But not all the way, I have spun this yarn tightly. They are locked into it with half their length. The other half peeks out of the thread, giving the knitting a halo. The same halo you know from a mohair sweater.

Now I have a pink woolen cowl with a developing turquoize halo. This means that during the wearing the cowl will shift in colour!

at least, that is what the owner of the bunny and me are hopping for.


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