Weird Wool Wednesday: important when spinning outside

I spend a lovely day spinning wool outside:


when spinning outside it is important to accessoirise.
That’s why the cat is there, on the left chair.

And, in the background, there’s this:

Yes, I accessoirise the forest.
That’s an empty mustard jar, embellished with Zinc thread and glass beads and forest berries.

My spinning spot from another angle:
That’s the cabin. There is a spinningwheel on the veranda. And a freshly laundered owl wip bag on the laundry line.
Never mind.
Look for the important things.

The important thing:
A jar from the ginger orange jelly (great on bacon pancakes!) on the other laundry line.

Another angle shows even more important things:
Various tea pots and tea cups, ginger lemon butter cake and ganache goods.

So, always accessoirise your spinning. Preferably with a cat, flowers, cake and some chocolate. And a cuddly hedge hog if you happen to have one handy.


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