Weird Wool Wednesday: prepare for winter

Here’s my Donegal cardigan mark 1 and mark 2:

On the right is Mark 1: the wrong cardigan, it is halfway frogged and I am using its yarn for one of my buttonbands. It is now connected to the new cardigan via this small umbilical thread….
It came in handy not having frogged this all the way. I could study this piece of knitting for gauge, buttonbands, button holes and amount of stitches between the cables.

On the left is Mark 2: the now rightly calculated cardigan in progress. It is knitted on needles 5,5 mm in stead of 5 mm, for just a bit more souple fabric. Besides, I’m knitting on my new ChiaGoo Red Lace needles and I love those!
I recalculated the numbers (gauge is 12,5 st per 10 cm while the pattern is 21 st) and I even put in some ease, for optimum wearability. I am gaining smartness every day that I knit!

There is a cat buried under all that wool.
No, it is not trying to escape.

I was offered this paw and some mumbling by way of protest against me moving around and getting the iPad to take these pictures.

We’ve had a bout of cold weather and the cat is convinced it is time to hibernate. Or at least take a few days rest while her winter pelt is growing. Either way it is very important to lay under thick layers of wool and THAT NOBODY MOVES.

And yes, that’s the felted fleece I got as a heartwarming present! I have it wrapped around the cat my legs because when my ankles get cold I have to sneeze 14 times.
Wut?! I operate to my own logic I’ll have you know!
I also ate all the Gorgonzola blue cheese yesterday. Because I had to pee.

Busy growing fur:

Will all this movement and sunlight have consequences?

No, all remains well:

Send cheese.


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