Autumn’s here: *hello!* now RUN!

Yesterday I was enjoying the wonderful Summers weather rolling the fleece rug, to make the locks attach to the backing better:

In the morning I had drained some of the water of the previous night. Just hang the wool over the edge of the tabel, gravity and wool characteristics will do the rest. I even watered the fleece with the garden …howdoyoucallit?” the bucket with the snout”… we say gieter meaning “pourer”

anyway, one of these:

Very dirty water drained from the fleece. Sheep just pee and poo all over themselves. I throw this water in the sewer, if you leave it out too long all kind of flies drown it it, high on pheromones.

I then added new warm soapy water, stuck a pin to roll with in it and started rolling. It needs a couple of hours rolling to get the fibers to properly intertwine. In between I have to check now and then that the locks do not felt among themselves, only to the backing. I prey them apart, making sure their backs start to attach firmly into the Bergschaf.

Slowly the rolling will traverse into felting rolling, where the wool will start to shrink and the size of the rug will shrink. This is when the intetwined fibres really become so gripped they cannot be pried loose again. This is felting.

But that is many hours away from this stage. For now it is the initial rolling for fulling: a gentle and lengthy process. There’s sun, wool, soapy water. GO!


Because suddenly the skies darkened, everything got green and hazy and a big thunderstorm was travelling over the Netherlands.

I’m in the red dot. It was not there 5 minutes ago.


We had just a few minutes to gather two spinning wheels, six garden chair cushions, one table cloth, two cats and six skeins of yarn that were drying before the downpour started.

I just threw some plastic over the felting roll, shoved the bucket with dirty water under the table and RAN.

We forgot about the coffee cups and table cloth and my shirt and the hedge row scissors that were left at the table at the far end of our patch of forest. But when it comes to Autumn wool and cats take priority!

the skeins that are trying to dry inside now.
I set the twist and I was sure it would dry in the sun, taking on that marvelous Summer’s smell.
(ooooh, I need to knit faster!!)

Today it’s cold and wet outside. I don’t feel like rolling stinky fleece…

I wonder how long I can leave it out there before it starts moving on its own.


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