a swap received

In the Dutch Karma Swap Group we have a swap going on that has its crescendo this week. Today was my turn, I received my swap in the post! I did not know from whom it was and the theme this swap was “All about Me”. The person who send the swap got the change to show something about herself: her favourite wool, her favourite pattern, her favourite food. Anything.
Look what I got!

my parcel came from Imknits who has the most marvellous colour moodboard on her profile page. I often visit this moodboard just to dream away at its colours and its atmosphere:

this is what she send me:

a handmade wrath from knitted leafs and wooden buttons, mounted on intertwined twigs. Speaking about our shared love of nature and her skills as a florist.

A skein of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and the pattern Oak Grove for some great mitts with oak leaves on them. My favourite leafs!

A handmade quilt, made really well, in all great Autumnal pieces of fabric. I keep looking at the different patterns. I have no affinity with quilting but this piece I love. It’s so precise and so diverse.

the back

tells about a great story Imknits experiences while in Sweden, involving lots of magical nature and moose.

Three skeins of Shetland Lambswool for some great stranded knitting.

A little tin with an illustration from Dane Mads Stage. Love little tins! Love illustrators! Love gnomes and nature!

All in all a marvelous package that has me in awe and happiness.
I’ve had all the colours and goodies spread out around me all day and have casted on for those oak leaf mitts:

It’s not like I had any felting to do or s’thing…

ps. a perfect lunch: blue cheese with rocket salad. And dark chocolate. With a knitter friend 🙂

pattern page for the mitts
Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend, needles 3,25mm
mods: cast on 4 less stitches because I’m such a loose knitter. Make longer ribbing at the wrist, place leaf higher up on the back of the hand, add a thumb gusset.


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