Weird Wool Wednesday: Hatbox trick



this is Louets vintage spinning wheel from the 1970’s-1980’s
Louet S40, lovingly called the Hatbox.

Smartly engineered.
Back in those days mr. Louet and mr. Wernekinck were engineers in Delft (the city of painter Johannes Vermeer and also where the technical university is where I went to myself in the 1990’s)
They designed spinning wheels, modern wheels.

Their designs are still around and so are the two engineers, both with their own companies in the world of wool:

mr. Louet went to the east of Holland and set up his factory of spinningwheels, weaving looms and kitchens that still produces novel designs today.


mr. Wernekinck is still in Delft and specializes in felt fabrics and carding fleeces. There’s a big machine in his store! He caters to retail and fashion designers world wide.

The hats are all mine. I used to collect them and wear them. It takes a special kind of courage to wear a hat, especially a ‘weird’ designer hat. I used to have that courage. Nowadays I just wear weird handknits.


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