Oak Grove Cardi: half a back panel

I’m knitting from the Center Back line outward to the side seam. The CB lies parallel to the window sill and the radiator.
On the left there’s an armhole, it’s the back part of my right shoulder. And I sprinkled oak leafs.
There are also some short rows, both from the left side and from the right side. The middle gets knit less than the edges, this provides waist shaping.

I like knitting this cardigan. But I keep tripping up over the leafs, forgetting to increase or decrease. Luckily they do not need to be precise. Fudge-fixing them works fine.

I also have to remind myself regurlarly that washing will soften up the knitted fabric. Right now it’s harder and stiffer than I’d prefer.

Here’s the cast-on, two days ago:

It’s not easy, having half the stitches on one circular and trying to knit the other half. But I got there.

It’s a provisional cast-on, by method of figure 8. It is done on two needles, one of them smaller than the other.

I am knitting pretty fast at the moment because I have to rest in bed for hours. Normally a cardigan on this size needles (3,25mm) is not knit so fast.


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