Finished: Oak Grove MITTS

I finished the mitts for which I got the yarn and the pattern in the swap I mentioned earlier.

I like them a lot. The yarn is wonderfully soft and gleams with the silk.
I did make two different mitts…

on the left is the mitt that mostly followed the pattern, except for the ribbing which I mistook for 2×2 in stead of 1×2. And I moved the leaf higher up the hand (on both mitts).

On the right is my own design. Because I thought that most of the mitts made from the pattern had quite a bulge where the ribbing of the wrist went into the hand. Because ribbing alternates knit and purl stitches there is a thread running from back to front of the knitting all the time. This provides lots of extra stretch. That’s why when knitwear transfers from ribbing into (reversed) stockinette stitch a knitter normally decreases 10% of the stitches. For example at hems of sweaters and cuffs of cardigans.

In this picture my own design is on the left. On the right lots of bulge.

Overall very pleased. A very nice way to make a gift my own and to enjoy in the colours someone else has as her favourite.


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