Weird Wool Wednesday: Hatbox Trick II

Louet spinners are like dogs when meeting a new wheel:
pic by Marco Ojeda
they’re think quirky appearances are a-do-ra-ble!

I mean, look at some of Louet spinning wheels, both vintage and current: the S45, de S10, de S11, the S95, the S40 and the S30:
Louet S30 Electric Spinner

Quirky! A-do-ra-ble!

And you know what? Lout spinners can’t wait to topple these guys over. To nuzzle their bellies I presume.

Sooner or later, every Louet spinner turns over her wheel. Because there’s info to be found at the bottom of a vintage Louet spinning wheel!
There might be a stamp to tell you how old it is.

Let’s have a look at my Hatbox:



This one was manufactured in January of 1979. One of the very first to be manufactured!
Still going strong. Small and has not aged at all!

I feel very much the proud puppy momma 🙂

picture by Martine Sansoucy


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