DESIGNING: a Wensleydale shoulder thingy

I think it is going to be something to keep my neck warm, a high collar. And a separate pockets-belt. Here are some inspirations I am looking at.

first “the Lions mane”, this one is by MelinoLiesl

A flow of locks all around your neck, something to snuggle in. This is exactly what I see in my minds eye everytime I look at the fleece… Annette, thank you for pointing me to this blog!

Here’s a longish scarf with locks everywhere. Made by ReflectionsInFelt over at Etsy

Lots of locks! Looks like a waterfall. Beautiful.

A nunofelted shawl with Wensleydale locks, by RoseFelt on Etsy

This is a soft shawl with the locks mostly at the borders. By folding it it sits high up in the neck and it distributes the locks very nicely. It looks beautiful.

This one by Alexandra Apratova is very smart: it has ribbons for closing and the backside is lined.

Not high enough for me but the ideas of lining (or nunofelting) and methods of closing are excellent.

There’s also a dress I once saw at a fair from
Brigitte Eertink has a lovely colour palette and so much fun and joy caught in wool! Check out her work on the internet or in real life. Here’s her work on her pinterest board.


This blue dress grabbed me because it uses layers. Layers in chiffon and pongé, with minimal felting in the skirt (but lots of it in the top, look how marvelous it is embellished!).

To me this was an eyeopener because it promotes the flow of especially the chiffon. There are figures felted on it that do keep it from flaring up too much. And it has a little felted hem, just to give it a bit of drape.
(What a lovely way to finish the edge! you can rip or cut the chiffon and keep it from fraying or looking ragged by felting just the hem. Brilliant!)

My Wensleydale locks will give my collar drape too, I may want to combine it with loose layers of chiffon. Just for extra fun and extra use of all those beautiful plum colours 🙂

So that’s how it is taking shape in my head now.
I also am thinking about the techniques involved. Securing layers of locks to a base (be it chiffon or wool fleece) requires bits of Merino to ‘glue’ them together alternated with strips of plastic to prevent the locks of felting together.
Pretty much like I did the layers on this felted skirt, my first project ever.


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