Oak Grove Cardigan: three balls gone; one front finished.

I’m not sure about that front panel… I got a bit carried away with the decreases. It does sit ok when I try it on, it seems to work then.
The problem is I have not found a picture of how the pattern is supposed to look like, not a picture of someones cardigan spread out flat.

Not wanting to think about it right now, I’ve picked up the live stitches at the center back and have knitted the remainder of the third ball of yarn. The fourth is now attached and I’m working my way to the left front panel, using the notes I made. WHen I get to the decreases of the left front panel I’ll see what I’ll do.
I just bought myself some knitting thinking time. There’s a good chance I’ll frog the right front panel and redo it one more time.

This might be a Goldilocks Cardigan: first too wide, now too narrow.

(the felting designing collar Wensleydale thing? ahum. It turned out last week had one day less than usual. Yes, Wednesday did not appear in my week somehow. It was Wednesday evening when I discovered it was not, in fact, Tuesday and that the next day would be a Thursday. This threw my Wensleydale plans off balance…)


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