Weird Wool Wednesday: grumpy knitting

I’m so very grumpy.
I’m Grumpy McGrumpyPants for all grumps and purposes.

I’m also trying to knit. This does not go well.

This is supposed to become a square for the Karma Blanket, it’s a free design from my own hand (mental note: don’t do freestyle when grumpy)
(another note: don’t design when grumpy)
Inspired by a Daisy (don’t diasy when grumpy)
In a legend I’m not familiar with (don’t do difficult legends when grumpy)
With k9tog and M9 in the same stitch… I assume (don’t assume when grumpy)
Which is not test knitted (don’t do non tested patterns when grumpy)

The original is so nice!

Big Daisies by Olga Jamovidova from website New Lace Old Traditions which honours and reinvents the beautiful knitted lace of Estonia.

Such beauty! And cheerful. I love daisies. But not today. I’ve messed it up over and over. Can’t read, can’t count, can’t knit.
Also I just spend 40 minutes lost in the maze of a hospital phone services. Someone is grating brick outside my house. I’m hungry but too neauseous to eat. My family is on a trip and I’m not. And on Ravelry people are again making cheeky innuendo which taints my group experience and makes me back away (on a good day).

The only good thing today is that my yarn is a happy yellow.
As is the treat bag Nelly, our adoptive-cat-away-from-home, cons her way into:

Nelly is a lovely animal who lives in a shelter permanently. She’s a character!

Nelly resides at Stichting Zwerfdier, together with other cats that will not be placed in homes.
Nelly can’t hold her urine due to a car accident that also took her tail. Besides that she’s a lovely, cheerful cat. Hasn’t known a grumpy day since she came to live in the pension!

Awww, let me go hug my own cat. She’s always willing to cheer me up. Chew some misbehaving knitting.


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